Paper Eco Tubes for Lip balm and deodorants


Paperboard Wholesale Plastic-free Eco Cosmetic Tubes & Private Label

A completely plastic-free alternative to plastic packaging! Our wholesale, durable Eco paper lip balm tubes come in 3 paperboard sizes (.21 oz (6g) ,for lip balm 1 oz (28g) for salve sticks and 2.2 oz (62g) for deodorants) and could be ideal for your "Green" product line. We also private label our Organic Essence body care and cosmetics. We formulate, print, label and fill our paper "chapstick" tubes The containers are crafted from 100% post consumer paper (emulating paperboard), which is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Each paper tube includes a fitted cap. The patented paper lip balm tubes are not a push-up tube, but a squeeze tube that pushes the product upwards to dispense. Featuring an oil-resistant barrier, these paper tubes can package products like "chapstick" - like lip balm, anhydrous (No water/glycerine) cream / blush to lotion bars and solid perfume. Suitable for dry powders. Custom artwork available if you order 2000 or more Eco Tubes in one order, up to 5 flavors. Paper, paperboard, cardboard tubes that are compostable, eco and biodegradable. *We cannot guarantee that these jars are compatible with every product. Please test your products with the packaging before use or sale to make sure they are suitable for your use. Remember that our packaging products require semi-solid and anhydrous ingredients like shea butter.

Here are twelve important reasons why the Eco Tubes are superior to Paper Push-Up Tubes


The Eco Tube weighs 1.7 grams while the push-up tube weighs 7.15 grams. This is less than 24% of the weight, and less than 24% of the carbon footprint.


The Eco Tubes are made in the USA or Germany, not transported from China, halfway around the world with even more carbon footprint.


The Eco Tube contains no PVA plastic adhesive which makes it non-toxic and fully home-compostable. (all push-ups contain polyvinyl acetate – plastic – adhesive)


The paper push-up tubes have a fill size of .3 oz which is twice the size of conventional lip balms that customers may not want to pay extra for. The Eco Tubes have a fill size of .21 ounces.


Women or men with long fingernails or anyone with average finger thickness can operate the Eco Tube easily, but the push-up tube can be challenging.


The Eco Tube is more leak-resistant, even if melted in a hot car or shipped in the high heat of summer. Just leave the package upright with the cap on, and when it cools, your balm is ready to use again.


The Eco Tubes accept self-adhesive labels.


The Eco Tube's exterior is grease resistant, while the brown push-up tubes will soil much easier since they are dry paper.


There is a good chance that if you're not specific with a Chinese supplier, the artwork may be printed on a plastic/paper and not be compostable. Buyer beware.


The Eco Tubes are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, while Chinese-made paper push-up lip balm tubes are likely to contain illegally harvested rainforest wood.


Many complain that with the push-up tubes, the lip balm retreats back into the tube during application unless you keep applying pressure to the disk inside the tube. This is no issue with our squeeze tube technology on the Eco Tube.


Those using push up tubes have noted that sometimes you can end up pushing the push-up disk too far so that the lip balm falls out of the tube and onto the floor. Our squeeze tube allows for more control when you are dispensing the lip balm.


Paper / Compostable / Biodegrades Eco Tube 0.21 oz / 6g ET6G

About 6g Eco Tube

Paper Lip Balm Tube Wholesale Eco Tube
1 oz / 28g ET28G

About 28g Eco Tube

Paper / Compostable / Biodegradable Eco Tube 2.2 oz / 62g

About 62g Eco Tube