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An eco , sustainable plastic-free alternative to plastic packaging! Our durable paper cosmetic jars cosmetic Jars come in 3 sizes 2 oz (59g), 4 oz (118g) or 6.75 oz (200g).) The 4 oz (118g) size is also available as a white Eco jar The Eco Jars are double layers of product protection: two side layers, two bottoms and two lids. We also private label our Organic Essence body care and cosmetics. We formulate, print, label and fill. These containers or pots are crafted from kraft paper and white paper, glassine and < 2% pva adhesive. The container is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Each patented Eco Jar includes a fitted cap and seal disk to preserve freshness. Featuring an oil-resistant barrier, these paper jars can package products like shea butters, balms, anhydrous (No Water/glycerine) cream, blush to lotion bars and solid perfume. Suitable for dry powders. Custom artwork available if order > 10,000 units. Paper, compostable, biodegradable Seal disk offers product freshness.
Recyclable with paper products or home compostable in 8-16 weeks depending on soil)

*We cannot guarantee that these jars are compatible with every product. Please test your products with the packaging before use or sale to make sure they are suitable for your use. Remember that our packaging products require semi-solid and anhydrous ingredients like shea butter. Vegan

Paperboard Eco Cosmetic Jars


Paper Eco Jar for body care / shea butter 4 oz / 118g (Kraft)

About 118g Kraft Eco Jar

Paper / Compostable / Biodegradable Eco Jar 2 oz / 59g EJ59G

About 59g Eco Jar

Paper Jar for Body Care 4 oz / 118g (White)

About 118g White Eco Jar

Paper Eco Jar for Body Care / Wholesale 6.75 oz / 200g (Tan)

About 200g Eco Jar