Paper Tubes for Lip Balm / Paper Jars Deodorant

Paper Lip Balm Tubes & Paperboard / Cardboard Jars For Bodycare / Cosmetics Wholesale

For lip Balm, Deodorant, Shea Butter and Body Care

Wholesale  paper lip balm tubes , plastic-free eco-friendly paper cosmetic jars which hold oil-based body care products like shea butter, “chapstick” -type lip balm and deodorant in our paperboard tubes. Thee are not paper push-up tubes but squeeze tubes. Compostable, eco-friendly, sustainable biodegradable body care packaging that you can recycle. Eco Vision Packaging is for brands to communicate the genuine sustainability of their products with eco-friendly, recyclable and home-compostable packaging. Paper/ paperboard / cardboard are the most successfully recycled post-consumer material, is inherently carbon neutral and is a part of the life cycle, making it the most sustainable packaging material possible.

Some have called our Eco paper jars “tubs”, but we refer to them as Eco Jar in paperboard/kraft paper.

Eco Tube Information

Eco Vision Packaging paper packaging products contain NO fluorinated chemicals (Including Fluorocarbons (PFCs) PFOA and PFOS, PFAS, and other fluorinated chemicals that are regularly being created.) These chemicals are illegal in Europe.

Eco Jar Information

Eco Vision packages provide excellent product protection and convenience consumers demand. Another equally important feature is that Eco Vision packages do not contaminate products with phthalates and other chemicals found in plastics that are raising widespread health concerns about non environmentally friendly plastic packaging.

Eco Vision Packaging has a number of useful patents on our groundbreaking packaging. You can view our patents here, and we have a number of patents pending.

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Why We Are Anti One-Use Plastic

Another unintended casualty of plastic.

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Patents - Paperboard Body Care Technology

We have a number of useful paper/paperboard body care packaging patents, and a several additional patents in development. These patents are game changers.

Paper Compostable Body Care Packaging Awards

People Who Us Our Custom Body Care Eco Jars and Tubes

Why is the Eco Jar far superior to other paperboard jars and bioplastics:?

Our patented double-barrel design offers superior product protection and resists leaks. We have had a number of customers who tried their semi-sold / anhydrous product in regular paper jars, and found that after a few weeks, their products were leaking through the paper. Our Eco Jars are specifically made to hold semi-solid/anhydrous oil-based products. Our sister company, Organic Essence (, has been packaging our shea-based products in our own Eco Jars for over ten years, and we have not run into leakage issues at the retail level. We have not come across any bioplastics which do not contain toxins. Even though bioplastic companies make claims that their materials are 100% plant-based and non-toxic, our extensive research has shown otherwise

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