Eco Jar FAQ

What is the minimum order quantity for Eco Jars?

A. There is a 12 piece quantity minimum. Unit price varies with volume. We accept checks, money orders and paypal.
2 oz Eco Jar: 12-99 quantity = $1.76 ea. 100-249 quantity = $1.67 ea. 250-499 quantity = $1.56 ea.
4 oz Eco Jar: 12-99 quantity = $1.78 ea. 100-499 quantity = $1.69 ea.
Please Contact for larger volume pricing, questions and placing an order.

What is your unit pricing?
4 oz, or 118ml. Outside diameter just under 3”. Height with cap just under 2.75”. Inside diameter: 2 7/8”. Recommended fill height for 4 fl oz: 1.25” 2 oz, or 59ml. Outside diameter just under 3”. Height with cap just under 2 “. Inside diameter: 2/7/8”. Recommended fill height for 2 fl oz: 5/8”.
I live overseas. Is shipping of samples and products costly to my country?
Currently all Eco Vision samples are shipped from our dock located in Crescent City, California, USA. International shipment of samples can be relatively costly per unit. The least expensive way for you to receive samples is via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Unfortunately, the USPS does not provide tracking codes to track package delivery to other countries, so once the package is sent there is no way to track it. If you choose to have samples shipped via USPS, Eco Vision cannot be responsible if your samples are not received. A very reliable, but more expensive way to deliver samples is via Fed Ex. Please note, as with the international shipment of all things, larger volumes such as pallet loads cost much less per unit to ship.
Do you require a graphics template or specific dimensions for printing out labels?
Yes. When ready to order, Contact and Eco Vision prepress will email the templates to you. You have the option of ordering self-adhesive labels and affixing yourself (link in next paragraph). You will need to find those labels and have them printed to suit your needs.
Where can I buy compostable labels for the Eco Jars? Do you sell them?
If you would like a compostable label for your eco jar, we offer that service. Send us your artwork and we’ll hand affix a 100% PCW paper label with casein adhesive. Call for pricing quotation. Here are two links for companies that provide compostable labels. The first is UK based The second one is Australian. You will need to perform due diligence and find out if these companies would serve your labeling needs.
Are your Eco Jars vegan?
The Eco Jars themselves are vegan. If you order paper labels from us to affix, they will have a casein coating. However, you can order from another supplier and affix your own labels and therefore, your Eco Jars would be vegan. Downside with self-adhesive labels: Almost all labels currently produced have a plastic coating with a petro-chemical adhesive; not conducive to urban composting. Upside to our paper labels: The paper labels that we affix (with casein coating) are urban compostable.
Will we be working with one of your Graphic Artists for our designs?
Preliminary questions can be asked of Eco Vision Prepress. The look and feel of your brand will need to be designed by your own graphic designer. For the most part, no extra charges are incurred. However, extensive help will incur charges, which are explained in the introductory email, when you receive the template. A good working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advisable.
I want to fill the jars with 100% lanolin. Will that work?
Yes. However, we strongly recommend that you test all packaging with your products before committing to a large purchase.
Can the jars hold bath salts?
Yes. The Eco Jar performs excellently with dry salts. The package filled with salts and light oils perform well structurally, but label and package discoloration may occur.
Will your jars hold dry products like mud products?
Yes, however, you might be able to find a cheaper solution with a single barrel jar to contain your dry products. With other companies, the minimum order requirement could be significantly higher than our one unit minimum, so you may choose to use our double-barreled Eco Jar for your dry products in lower quantities.
I have a cream product that would contain water and oils and hence an emulsified semi-solid product, and a sugar scrub would be anhydrous (non-water containing) but less solid than a body butter/balm. How would this work in your Eco Jar?
Currently we recommend that products containing water not be used in the current Eco Jar. A compostable water resistant Eco Jar is currently being developed. We expect it to become available some time in the future.
How can a consumer tell whether their product in the Eco Jar has been tampered with?
You have a number of options for security. A paper strip over the cap and affixed to the sides. PLA shrink band. Two sided tape under the rim of the cap or, affix your own pressure sensitive tamper evident sticker. The over caps fit loosely but don’t readily fall off. If this concerns you, then add a method of affixing.
How long will it take for the Eco Jar to compost?
In a healthy compost garden, about 2 months depending on the weather. This is due to the bulk and mass of the package. If the package is broken down into small pieces, it will decompose much more quickly.
You say the Eco Jars are moisture resistant. What do you mean by this?
When a user handles the package briefly with wet hands, little or no damage will occur if the package is allowed to dry; if the package left out in the rain or in a puddle of water, it will begin to decompose.
Are the jars airtight?
The tab disk is properly fitted into the jar, the contents are reasonably well protected from atmospheric moisture and oxygen; however this package is not recommended for extremely unstable products.
What type of shelf life will my anhydrous product have in the eco jar?
Depending on the initial freshness and inherent stability of the intended contents, many products typically have a shelf life up to 3 years when stored in a cool location.
Will your packing work for food products?
Currently, we haven’t certified to GMP for the food industry needs. In the near future, we will have packaging available and will be compliant with food quality production procedures.
I am looking for a compostable jar which can hold a product containing a significant amount of water. How far off are you on developing a compostable packaging solution for water-based cosmetics?
Currently we recommend that products containing water not be used in the current Eco Jar. A compostable water resistant Eco Jar is currently being developed. We expect it to become available some time in the future.
Is it cost effective to have your Eco Jars shipped overseas?
It depends on the retail price and sales volume of your product.
Any reviews on the Eco Jar and the jar cap? Does it get messy?
Consumer feedback is; Dipping into it daily with clean hands, works just fine.
Does the lid get loose after continued use? How does the lid stay on during travel?
We recommend putting the pull tab and paper lid back on and placing the container in a plastic bag for travel.
Is it possible that a very small amount of glycerin that is used will maintain in the packaging (not leak out)?
Not recommended. However, test all products before committing to a large purchase.
What is the turnaround time from order to shipping?
Ordering plain jars with no label, typically two business days or less. Enquire at the time of ordering. Depending on shipment method, a tracking number can be provided.
What kind of paper do you use to make the Eco Jars?
Kraft paper, white paper and glassine, a high quality semi-transparent grease resistant paper.
What kind of ink do you use to print on the Eco Jars?
Eco Jars are unprinted, plain brown. Labeled Eco Jars can be produced with your custom artwork. These labels are made with 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper and are printed with water based ink and affixed and glazed with compostable casein, which gives the package acceptable moisture resistance.
Can you sell me your labels? Would you be able to print my information on the labels you use? How much would this cost?
As with our Organic Essence labeled jars, we offer customers the option of us providing a pre-labeled jar to the same specifications. They are: 100% PCW paper, or other grade of paper if desired, printed with water based ink for <50 thousand piece orders, sunflower ink 50 thousand+. We use our casein adhesive to affix and lightly glaze the label. As with all printing, small runs are much more expensive than long runs per piece. We can quote jar labeling; it will be very expensive for less than 2,000 jars.
I want samples of your Eco Jars. How do I get them?
There is a 12 piece minimum order for the 4 oz and 2 oz Eco Jars. We recommend that you test your product in them before committing to purchasing a large number of them.
Why are your Eco Jars so expensive?
Low production volume. When fully automated high volume equipment comes online, the price will fall, but also, the large brands will have them too. The special marketing advantage you have now over the big brands, with the high Eco Jars price should not be underestimated.
What is your return policy?
Unused undecorated jars can be returned. However, jars with affixed labels or have been modified, changed or used, can’t be returned.
Will the other packaging you describe on your site be available soon?
Periodically, check with our site. Changes will be posted.
Do your Eco Jars work with powdered products?
We recommend you test our Eco Jars to see if they work with your powdered products
Do you have documentation available for me to sell my products in your packaging in Europe and worldwide? We need official documentation for our certifier.
Yes. We have sold Eco Jars to European countries requiring documentation. Please let us know if you cannot find the documentation you need on this page here:
I would like a custom-sized/shape Eco Jar. Can you help me?
Please contact us with your idea and we’ll discuss.. Please bear in mind that high MOQs will apply.
Do the Eco Jars leak if the contents melt?
We have tested and have sold many products in our Eco Jar, and leakage has not been an issue so long as the jars are not damaged and the lid is on the Eco Jar.
How does the Eco Jar lid stay on the Eco Jar? Will the lid fall off if the jar is in a suitcase?
Paper friction alone keeps the Eco Jar Lid on the Eco Jar. There is enough friction that you should not have an issue with the lid falling off in your suitcase.
What is your turnaround time for printed Eco Jars?
Currently we're running 3+ months.
Can I make an Eco Jar in black with black paper or any solid color I wish?
Solid color backgrounds should be avoided. The Eco Jar design should have a background pattern for the following reasons: 1)Normal package manufacturing production marks 2)Overfilling discoloration on exterior of package 3)Wear and tear – package appearance during consumer use
Are your Eco Jar certified home-compostable? Have you gone through certification testing? Is the paper safe to compost in my garden with the inks? Can you send us a document that puts the responsibility on you if the papers are contaminated?
There is no widely recognized home compostability certification. Most compostability standards have to do with composting plastic. I We’re using FSC certified paper, though FSC won’t allow us to get certification because we only use one type of paper. We have not yet certified the Eco Tubes as home-compostable, but have done testing at our office.