What is the minimum order quantity for Eco Tubes?
There is a 12 piece minimum ET6g (shown above); 12-2M Eco Tubes are available with a generic “green leaf” pattern. 1 Eco Tube = 1 tube body and 1 matching cap is a “set”; “M” = 1,000. If you wish to have your own artwork pre-printed onto the packages, a 2M minimum Eco Tubes can be ordered with up to 5 different artwork styles. Each style has a minimum order quantity of 400. For instance; 5 flavors x 400 Eco Tubes each flavor = 2,000 sets. Or, you can affix your label over the printed pattern.
What is the pricing for Eco Tubes?
Green Leaf pattern (ET6g pictured above) is available 12-2M sets. Or, custom artwork for your own brand: 2M-10M sets. Large volume pricing is also available. For all pricing Contact
I want samples of your Eco Tubes, how do I get them?
Please Contact There is a 12 piece minimum order for generic Eco Tubes (green leaf design). We recommend that you test your product in them before committing to a custom artwork run of 2,000 Eco Tubes.
I live overseas. Is shipping of samples and products costly to my country?
Currently all Eco Vision samples are shipped from our dock located in Crescent City, California, USA. International shipment of samples can be relatively costly per unit. The least expensive way for you to receive samples is via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Unfortunately, the USPS does not provide tracking codes to track package delivery to other countries, so once the package is sent there is no way to track it. If you choose to have samples shipped via USPS, Eco Vision cannot be responsible if your samples are not received. A very reliable, but more expensive way to deliver samples is via Fed Ex. There are FedEx Great Rates that may apply to your region. Certain days of the week have ‘great rates’ for shipping and cost varies from day to day/week to week. Also, specific sized boxes make a cost difference for ‘great rates’. Please note, as with the international shipment of all things, larger volumes such as pallet loads cost much less per unit to ship.Contact to see if Great Rates ships to your region and applies to your needs.
What kind of inks do you use to print the Eco Tubes?
CMYK CA approved water based inks.
What are PMS colors?
PMS: Pantone Matching System enables consistent color output and colors with extra vibrancy. These special mix colors are not available.
How do I fill the Eco Tubes?
Some crafters put the tubes in modeling clay or dried rice to hold them upright while filling and use a large capacity syringe or pour. We have instructions for making filling racks and molds for those who have general construction skills. For more details, please email We use tray fill for our own production method. They are custom made, in house trays, specifically sized for our tubes.
Do you have any plans of selling/distributing filling trays for your products?
Not currently, but please email if you have a future interest in filling trays.
How do you clean the outside of the tubes when the inevitable spillage happens? Will the paper will stain easily?
Use a paper towel to remove any spillage. The exterior of the Eco Tube is grease resistant, but not grease proof, discoloration may occur. We recommend you develop artwork that conveys your brand’s message that incorporates color-texture to give your finished product the best finished appearance.
How durable are the Eco Tubes?
Some consumers report up to a year of daily use in purse or pocket. Putting an Eco Tube into a pants pocket with keys, then sitting can crush or dent the package. Eco Tubes will withstand some water, but keep in mind it’s a biodegradable package.
What kind of testing have you done for the Eco Tubes?
We have home composted empty Eco Tubes and they have fully composted within 14 days. Composting conditions will affect the necessary time. Eco Tubes have been tested to withstand hot oil filling up to 150 degrees F, or 66 degrees C.
How long will it take for the Eco Tube to break down completely in fertile soil?
In a healthy compost garden, about 2 weeks depending on the weather.
Are the eco tubes sterile?
The tubes are produced in the cleanest conditions possible for handmade production, though we don’t use chemical poisons or irradiation to make the package sterile. Since the package is intended for non-water containing products, the lack of water prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Be aware that the package is intended to be compostable and extremely sustainable. Therefore, when the package is exposed to conditions more than a short while that support bacteria and other microorganisms, such as plenty of water and warmth, they will begin eating the package. Remember, all members of the life cycle present food opportunities to others. Nevertheless, when used as intended, the Eco Tube does not pose health hazards.
Is melting a problem for Eco Tubes compared to plastic balm tubes?
If an Eco Tube is left in a hot car, the contents will melt the same as if it was in a plastic package. Just place it in an upright position and wait until it solidifies. When cool, use as usual.
Does the cap get loose after continued use?
No. It stays tight with normal usage.
You say the Eco Tubes are “moisture resistant”. What do you mean by this?
When a user handles the package briefly with wet hands, little or no damage will occur if the package is allowed to dry; if the package left out in the rain or in a puddle of water, it will begin to decompose.
Why can’t I order plain cardboard colored generic Eco Tubes?
Kraft paper - cardboard color - doesn’t perform up to our standards and shows filling overflows more than patterned paper.
When do you think you will have other Eco Tube sizes available?
They are currently available in 3 sizes; .21 oz, 1 oz and 2.2 oz
What is the turnaround time from order to shipping?
From the time that your graphic file is sent to our commercial printer to the finished goods leaving Crescent City, CA it generally takes 5 weeks. However, delays can occur with graphic changes, color changes, holidays or production schedules.
Do you know where I can find “activated adhesive labels”?
Type “adhesive labels” into google.
How well will labels adhere to the paper? Do you have specific recommendations on the type of label, or will any of the usual papers work?
We don’t recommend using labels over the Eco Tubes except for short term market research. Most commercially available self-adhesive labels use non-compostable adhesives and some are plastic coated. Non-coated, water activated adhesive labels are best if you can find them. We recommend using the greenest label you can find and scaling up to use the pre-printed ones with our own custom artwork.
If I buy generic Eco Tubes, how do you suggest I label them for my customers?

A 2” x 4” Avery label can be affixed to the Eco Tube. The adhesive label doesn’t wrap under the cap; otherwise the tolerances are too tight. Be careful when trimming the edge of the pinched end of the Eco Tube after wrapping; a leak might result. See the picture below for affixing the label:

What kind of adhesives do you use on a rolled Eco Tube and cap?
We make our own casein based adhesive/glaze to keep the compostability paramount.
I am vegan, and casein is not vegan. Have you tried to make your packaging home-compostable and vegan?
We have been searching long and hard for a vegan adhesive that doesn’t contain plastic or toxins that is also fully home-compostable. We have even created and tested our own vegan adhesives. Unfortunately, none of the vegan adhesives we created worked well enough to be used in our packaging. Believe it or not, many of the vegan products that vegans purchase are packaged in bottles or jars on which the labels are affixed with PVA chemical glues. As our products can be put directly into the ground or a compost bin after use, we do not want to create a product that will add toxic elements to our soils. If you know of any vegan adhesives that do not contain plastics or toxins that are also fully home-compostable, please Contact
What are all of the materials in the Eco Tubes?
Paper, < 4% casein adhesive glaze and ink.
What kind of paper do you use to make the Eco Tubes?
100% PCW paper (FSC certified). 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) is waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what currently goes to the recycling center. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created to change the dialogue about and the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. This impressive goal has in many ways been achieved, yet there is more work to be done. FSC sets forth principles, criteria, and standards that span economic, social, and environmental concerns. The FSC standards represent the world's strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes. Like the forestry profession itself, the FSC system includes stakeholders with a diverse array of perspectives on what represents a well-managed and sustainable forest. While the discussion continues, the FSC standards for forest management have now been applied in over 57 countries around the world.
Will we be working with one of your Graphic Artists for our designs?
Preliminary questions can be asked of Eco Vision Prepress. The look and feel of your brand will need to be designed by your own graphic designer. For the most part, there are no extra charges necessary. However, extensive help will incur charges, which are explained in the introductory email, when you receive the template. A good working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advisable.
Why are your Eco Tubes so expensive?
Low production volume. When fully automated high volume equipment comes online, the price will decrease.
What is the benefit of an eco tube?
Consumers easily recognize paper as being sustainable and recyclable. This differentiates and benefits your brand instantly on the shelf. For small brands, this “marketing by the piece” is an excellent and immediate form of advertising.
Are you able to fill Eco Tubes with my ingredients, and how much would this cost?
Eco Vision, with its sister company, Organic Essence can provide turn-key package making and filling services for conventional and USDA Certified Organic lip balms. Please Contact for a quote.
I want you to fill my Eco Tubes. What about lot numbers?
Six digit lot numbers are available. For example 210919 which would represent 21, Sept. 2019 and also doubles up as the use by date. Your product may not have a 3 year shelf life, or you may choose your date stamp to be your own code. Whatever the case, six digits are available.
Where are the 6 digit lot numbers stamped?
On the cap. There is a mapped out area for the date stamp placement on the .ai graphic template.
Do you require a graphics template or specific dimensions for printing out the tubes and caps?
Yes. When you have decided to order, Contact and Eco Vision prepress will email the templates to you.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Eco Tubes weigh 40% less than traditional plastic lip balm containers.
How do you recommend that we display the Eco Tubes in stores (Point of purchase display)?
Bring/send/ the Eco Tubes to a Point of Purchase Display Company and they’ll design one to your price range and needs.
What is your return policy?
There are returns on unused green leaf pattern tubes. However, printed tubes with your artwork are a custom order and there are no returns. For more details on our return policy, please go here:
I live near Crescent City, CA. Can I come to your plant and pick up my product from you directly?
At this time, we are not allowing pickups at our manufacturing facility.
Will your packing work for food products?
Currently, we haven’t certified to GMP for the food industry needs. In the near future, we will have packaging available and will be compliant with food quality production procedures.
Will your Eco Tubes work with powders?
We recommend you test our products to see if they work with your powdered ingredients.
Are your Eco Tubes certified home-compostable? Have you gone through certification testing? Is the paper safe to compost in my garden with the inks? Can you send us a document that puts the responsibility on you if the papers are contaminated?
There is no widely recognized home compostability certification. Most compostability standards have to do with composting plastic. I We’re using FSC certified paper, though FSC won’t allow us to get certification because we only use one type of paper. We have not yet certified the Eco Tubes as home-compostable, but have done testing at our office.
When will your Eco Tube machine be ready?
Q3, 2022 it should be online.
I would like a custom-sized / shaped Eco Tube. Can you help me?
Please contact us with your idea and we’ll discuss.. Please bear in mind that high MOQs will apply.
On a cold day, how does one get deodorant out of the Eco Tube deodorant sizes? What about the lip balms?
We recommend putting the Eco Tube on a counter and pressing down with the palm of the hand near the pinched end to dispense the deodorant. With the lip balms, we recommend warming the lip balm for 15-30 seconds with your hands, and then the lip balm should come out without difficulty.
Can I used PMS colors? Can I provide my own ink for your printing?
Printing is CMYK. No PMS colors. You can’t provide your own ink.
Can I make an Eco Tube in black with black paper or any solid color I wish?
Solid color backgrounds should be avoided. The lip balm design should have a background pattern for the following reasons: 1)Normal package manufacturing production marks 2)Overfilling discoloration on exterior of package 3)Wear and tear – package appearance during consumer use
How much of a lower price will you be offering once the Eco Tube machine is ready in 2022?
We have not finalized pricing yet, but expect the wholesale prices to be less than 1/3 of what they currently cost.
Do you do contract manufacturing?
Yes, we do. Here is more information:
Do you private label?
Yes. We do. Here is more information:
How does the Eco Tube cap stay on the Eco Tube?
Paper friction alone keeps the cap on the Eco Tube.
Do the Eco Tubes leak if the oil becomes a liquid?
As long as the cap is on your lip balm or deodorant and the packaging is not damaged, you should be fine. Merely allow the product to solidify at a cooler temperature before removing the cap.
Do you have documentation available for me to sell my products in your packaging in Europe and worldwide? We need official documentation for our certifier.
Yes, we have sold many Eco Tubes to companies in Europe, and have provided sufficient information to them.
On a cold day, how does one get deodorant out of the Eco Tube deodorant sizes? What about the lip balms?
We recommend putting the Eco Tube on a counter and pressing down with the palm of the hand to dispense the deodorant. With the lip balms, we recommend warming the lip balm for 15-30 seconds with your hands, and then the lip balm should come out without issue.
Can you make Eco Tubes with paper I provide you with like Hemp paper?
The paper used for manufacturing Eco Tubes is a specialty paper that works well with the process. We tested multiple papers over the years and have found 1 specific paper that suits all the needs.